Donald Trump, Kim Jong Un Fail To Strike Deal, Call Off Nuclear Weapons Talks Early

President Donald Trump and Kim Jong Un failed to strike a nuclear deal Thursday, abruptly ending their Vietnam summit hours early and leaving the fate of North Korea’s nuclear weapons up in the air.

“Sometimes you have to walk,” Trump told reporters after two days of meeting with Kim, but he said he hoped that U.S. and North Korean negotiators would keep talking.

Trump said he was not willing to accept Kim’s demand that the United States end all economic sanctions on North Korea before it committed to a specific denuclearization plan.

“It was about the sanctions,” he said. “We couldn’t give up all the sanctions” 

Despite the impasse, Trump continued to praise Kim, calling him “quite a guy and quite a character,” and saying that there still was a lot of “warmth” in his relationship with a man many regard as a brutal dictator.



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