How Makinde Renewed The People’s Confidence Through Good Governance – Akogun Bogunmbe

A Peoples Democratic Party chieftain and chairman of Reliable Group, Chief Gbola Bogunmbe has said that the confidence and expectations of people have been renewed with the coming of Governor Seyi Makinde into the helms of affairs of Oyo state.

Mr. Bogunmbe disclosed this during a chat with Westernlifenews in his office, saying that steps so far taken by the governor have shown his capacity to govern and deliver good governance to the people of the state .

According to the politician, “Before the coming of Seyi Makinde, Oyo state has been in the dark for the past eight years. The expectations of the people were so high when the last administration came to power, but unfortunately those expectations were dashed because of the man that was at the helm of affairs. The last administration was simply a disaster because Ajimobi was surrounded by sycophants”.

He however said that “Now that we have a God-sent leader, in person of Engr. Seyi Makinde, the people’s expectation and confidence have been renewed. You can see and acknowledge the laudable steps he had taken since he came on board, you can see that he is a governor that is focus, that has blueprint, knows where he is coming from and where he’s going”.

Speaking on the activities of Reliable Group, Mr. Bogunmbe said the group was formed in 2016, with the main objective of changing the face of politics in Oyo state, in order to bring in the good governance that people are yearning for.

Describing the group as a socio-political, Mr. Bogunmbe said its membership cut across all the ethic groups.

“We have the Ibo, we have the Hausa and Yoruba as members. When the 2019 was approaching, we gathered together and emphasised the importance of bringing a new dawn in Oyo State. We told ourselves the need to work for  credible candidate, someone with no baggage, in person of Seyi Makinde”.

“Right from there, everyone went to his or her constituency throughout Oyo state, started mibilising and vigorously campaigning for Governor Makinde. Our message to the people was very clear, vote for Makinde and enjoy good governance.

“We did this without asking for a dime from the governor, showed commitment and today, we thank God, what majority of the people of Oyo state wanted had come to pass.

Speaking on the appointment of the Secretary to the state Government, Mr. Bogunmbe commended the governor for painstaking choosing a bright mind into the position.

According to him, though, it took the governor some weeks before he could appoint the Secretary to the state Government, yet he did not disappoint the people of Oyo state by appointing Mrs. Olubamiwo Adeosun into that position.

Mr. Bogunmbe stated that the office of the SSG is not a kind of seat for mediocre to occupy, saying the position is sensitive in nature due to the fact that the occupier is the second accounting officer of the state.

He described Mrs. Adeosun as a technocrat and well versed in administrative and diverse multinational experience, adding that she would perform and succeed despite being the first female SSG in the state.



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