INTERVIEW: 1 Year Anniversary: Makinde Steps Fashion Towards Bringing The State To The Path Of Economic Development – Hon. Arabambi

Hon. Ayoola Kolawole Ojo, popularly known as Arabambi (Afijio) has described the 365 days in office of Governor Seyi Makinde as very revealing and eventful.

In this interview with journalists, Hon. Arabambi (Afijio), who is an Executive member of Afijio Local Government Council, said the governor has changed the face of governance in the state through his people-oriented programmes. Westernlifenews brings excerpt.

The administration of Governor Seyi Makinde clocks one year on May 29, 2020. What do you think he’s done differently since he came on board?

Since inception of the administration of Governor Makinde in Oyo state, a lot of things have changed for the better, many of which are obvious. The governor has brought vibrancy and probity to governance.

Governor Makinde’s stint so far at the helm of affairs has been very revealing, and eventful. Most of his actions for the past one year are driven by passion for growth and development.  This is evidence of his vision to turn the state around for better. So far, the governor has not disappointing the good people of the state.

All his steps have been fashioning towards bringing the state to the path of economic development, and this has not been limited to capital projects and reformations. In the last one year, he has been churning out policies that are already changing the face of governance and putting smiles on the faces of the people of the state.

Governor Makinde’s handling of the current pandemic, Covids-19 issue is commendable. To the glory of God, the federal government even adopted the template initiated by the governor. Since the day the index case was reported in the state, the governor the governor had not relented in his oars, introducing various innovative, to ensure that the novel pandemic is contained.

As we speak, the government is wrapping up renovations of Isolation centres located at various areas like Agbami, Jericho, Ibadan, Igbo-Ora, Ogbomosho, Saki and Aawe, near Oyo town.

The Oyo State Task Force under the leadership of the Governor has approved a number of creative measures for implementation by the Emergency Operations Centre (EOC) to contain the spread of the virus in the state. By next week, the community testing, will begin in earnest in the state.

So what can you considered his major achievements so far?

Let me start from the education sector. The governor has introduced a radical and committed approach to curriculum development, teaching and learning in all public primary and secondary schools in the state. Right from the first day of this administration, precisely in May 29, 2019, the governor announced at his swearing in ceremony, the abolition of #3000 education levies in all public primary and secondary schools. In addition, the administration made provision of six exercise books for each pupil and student in the state. Within the shortest period of this administration, there have been lots of building of infrastructures as well as massive renovation of the state public schools across the state.

As you also aware, Governor Makinde is a friend of civil servants in Oyo state. His welfare packages for state civil servants is unparallel, Since his inception, there have been prompt payment of salaries to workers and gratuities to pensioners. Even at this time of novel pandemic, the governor, despite the paucity of funds, ensured that workers and pensioner get their salaries and gratuity respectively.

Another laudable achievement of Makinde led administration for the past one year is its ability and capacity to address the economic development of Oyo state from an industrial framework that empower medium scale and small scale businesses, and this has really drive the macro and retail economies. As a private sector man, don’t forget that he had spent over two decades in private sector before coming on board, the experience he had garnered has helped in laying a solid foundation for the expansion of the economy, to attract the effective participation of the private sector to invest in Oyo State.

On security, the government has been able to secure the environment, thus attracting foreign direct investment into the state.

Before the coming of the administration, some have formed an opinion that the governor may not be able to confront the security challenge, that was about to rear its ugly head as a result of the NURTW crisis. But he rose to the occasion and proved them wrong. The governor through his divine wisdom was able to address the issue satisfactorily

The governor has boosted the performance of Operation Burst and other security agencies in the state. Kudos should also be given to the governor on the establishment of the Western State Security Network, otherwise known as Amotekun. The role played by the governor in conjunction with other south west governors was very commendable.

Governor Makinde has vigorously pursued infrastructural development and has brought progress to Oyo State in the last one year. His efforts can also be seen in the areas of improving the healthcare delivery, ongoing construction and rehabilitation of many roads across the state and improvement of security situation

Some have argued that the governor has abandoned the politicians that helped him into power in terms of political appointment. Do you share this view?

This governor is someone that prioritise things. He puts the people, the masses and the electorates first and he has said it times without numbers that it is not going to be a business as usual for the politicians. So everybody that has the same mind with the governor should be able to align and key in to his philosophy and the philosophy is this: attending to the electorate first and in a matter of time, he would take care of everybody. The structure he met on ground needs to be changed for everybody to have a platform to enjoy. Already, the handwritten is on the wall and it is left for those who are complaining now to understand where he’s coming from, and where he is going. Party faithful and committed members need to be patient and let him change the template and what do I mean by this? It means electorate first and not the vice versa.

So, if you look at what he’s doing now, of course indirectly, the governor is attending to general public, and has deviate form the past template which put politician first to the detriment of the larger people. But this is not to say he’s not taking care of party members. You can see that he has been appointing people into various positions and he has been doing it batch by batch, at least every two months. As a focus and meticulous administrator, he’s mindful of cost overhead, the expenditure vis-avis the IGR and allocation coming to the state from the centre.

Where do you see this administration in the next three years when the governor must have completed his first term?

With the current performance of this government, I am sure in the next three years, the electorate would be fully satisfied with the performance of Governor Seyi Makinde. By then, the Oyo state people would have no qualms in allowing the governor, to serve another four year mandate. Even with the rate the governor and his cabinet are working, in the next one year, Oyo state would have become a center of attraction to other south west states, and a focus point to all the states in Nigeria as a whole. It is obvious everywhere that in the last one year, Governor Makinde has been able to stabilise the polity to the admiration of the citizenry. Without any iota of doubt, the foundation has been laid, foundation for good governance, for probity in government and sustainable development.

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