OLATUNJI: Makinde Has Kept His Promises

Engr Akeem Olatunji is the spokesperson of the Peoples Democratic Party, Oyo State chapter. In this chat with Westlifemag, he outlined, among some other issues, the leadership qualities of Governor Seyi Makinde both as the leader of the party in the state and South-west.

Can you tell us how your party, PDP has been faring since the inception of Seyi Makinde’s administration in Oyo State?

Well, it has been well with the party and we thank God we did not make the mistake of not picking Governor Seyi Makinde as our candidate in 2019 general elections. As you can see, the governor as the leader of the Peoples Democratic Party in Oyo  State is giving the party a good image before the public. His superlative performance is speaking volume and has gone a long way in branding the party because everywhere you go to in Oyo state, you’ll see his good works everywhere be it education, infrastructural development, agriculture, healthcare facilities and many other things, including workers welfare. So we are proud of him and we believe that if he continues like this, definitely 2023 election will be much more easier for the party.

With his style of governance so far, do you think the people of Oyo state can still trust him in 2023?

When you talk about trust, you can only loose your trust in somebody if he fails to perform. He has done exactly what he promised. He promised he would scrap the #3000 levy for students and pupils in our public schools, it came to pass. He promised that he would make Oyo state the sole owner of Ladoke Akintola University of Technology (LAUTECH), it has come to pass. He said he would upgrade our health institutions and health facilities, those have also come to pass. Go to Adeoyo State Hospital, and several other medical hospitals across the state both in Ibadan, Oke-Ogun and some other places, you will see the changes. In our Primary Health Centres (PHCs), about 351 projects are undergoing construction and renovation presently. He promised that Oyo state would pay our pensioners up to date, that also has come to pass. The 13 month salary is there and apart from that, the achievement of this government for the past two years in terms of massive road constructions across the three senatorial districts of the state are very commendable. The people of Oyo state have got value for their investment by bringing Governor Makinde on board.

The governor is also the leader of your party in the South-West, do you think he has capacity to shoulder that responsibility, and ensuring the PDP has its foothold in the zone?

Definitely. In Makinde, we have  good leadership and that also manifested itself in what happened in Osogbo, Osun state during the PDP Southwest Zonal congress, where Oyo state gave block votes to the candidates presented by Governor Makinde, that showed we believe in his leadership.

(Cut in..) but considering the coming elections in Osun and Ekiti state, do you see him ensuring victory for the party in those two states?

Osun and Ekiti governorship elections are Work-In-Progress. We can only build on what our party members and leaders in those two states  have on ground. We are not going there to cast our votes but what is happening in Oyo is a signpost to what will happen in Osun and Ekiti states if PDP candidates are given mandate to govern those states.

What advise do you have for the governor as he is entering the third year of his administration?

It is to consolidate on those gains and according to what the governor promised, more and more of our party members would be brought into the government. That is his words and you know he As you know,  no one is perfect but Governor Makinde is also working  towards  that perfection. As at now, he has scored more than the average, he is excellent with what he is doing and we only hope that he also improve on what is on ground.

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