Popular Rapper, Black Rob, Dies

The New York City popular rapper and former Bad Boy, Black Rob has passed away.

The New York Times reports that Rob, formerly part of Sean “Diddy” Combs’ Bad Boy label, died at the age of 52.

Rob’s former label mate, Mark Curry, announced Rob’s death in two videos posted to Instagram on Saturday, and Variety has confirmed his passing through additional sources.

I don’t know where to begin this,” Curry said in the first video. “But I thank everybody for the donations. Rob passed away about an hour ago.”

In a second video, Curry said that he was with the rapper when he died.

“Rest in peace to my brother. I was there with him. I was there with him,” Curry said.

“Puff, I ain’t talked to Puff in 15 years,  we talked today,” Curry continued, referring to Combs.

“This is the beginning of a new us. Rob made sure he knew what he had to do before he parted this world to make sure we all alright, and that’s what he did. Bad boy for life, yo.”

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