What Apostle Mustapha Said About Present Day Christians and His Vision For 2020

Apostle (Dr.) S. M. O. Mustapha, popularly known as Baba Sebi Oba is the General Overseer of Seed of Christ Golden Church (Land of Reality) needs no introduction. In this interview with BABS-OLURIBIGBE ADEOYE, he spoke on the present day Christendom and his vision for the year 2020.

Views on present day Christendom and persecutions of Christians

My view on the present day Christendom is that most Christians are not after the Kingdom of God but rather pursuing with their whole lot energy, things of the world. It started from those of us who are servants of God and that has affected the whole church. The church no longer see the heaven but worldly things and have forgotten that no matter how long one lives in this world, we would stay eternally in heaven. The gospel of has been mixed with the world and that is why the signs and wonders are scarce today. Therefore we need serious prayer.

Secondly, concerning Christians’ persecution, we cannot but experience this. Our Lord Jesus had said that we would face persecution. According to Jesus, “In the world, you will see tribulation, but be of good comfort, I have overcome the world”. This has started from the time of the Apostles, and it is happening now. This world is not ours, Heaven is our home and if we are patient, we will get there. For those of us, the servants of God, we should stop running after the things of the world because most of the time we are running here and there for our ministry to growth, it doesn’t come to reality.

For instance, concerning this ministry, I heard directly from God when I was in a town called Agbado Ekiti that I should relocate to Ibadan. Then I was living in Ikole Ekiti. That was as far back as July 17, 1994. I did not heed to the call until September that year, because I found it uneasy to just relocate like that. When I came to see how the city was, for good three days, I embarked in fasting and prayer and later returned back to my base in Ikole Ekiti. And for good eight years, I refused to relocate to Ibadan as God directed me. For disobeying God’s instruction, I started experiencing series of problems. When I went into prayer to know the real cause of the situation,  God told me pointblank that He sent me on an errand and I refused to heed. Even though, I used to do revival all around the towns, yet God said He did not send me for that and insisted that I should move to Ibadan and from there He would send me to the world.

He warned that if I refused, He would kill me. So I have no option that to heed to the voice of God. I came to Ibadan in 2004 with nothing, except three shirts and trousers and a pair of shoe. I left everything in Ikole Ekiti and came down to Ibadan with my wife and children. So for the first five months I arrived with my family at Ibadan, we were doing nothing. I could not even go to any Bible School, Holy Ghost did not even permit me to do that. That was how I started the Ministry here on this particular land. After eight years we have been on this land, the owners agreed to sell the land to us and we started expanding the structure. The rest is now history.

I have never worry about expansion and growth of the church, my own is to do the work of God and left the remaining in His hand, rather than trouble my mind on those things. I used every money I had on the work of God because I believed that any money put into the works of God, would profit one in the end.

Last year, those who were worshiping here are between 300 and 350 but today, this large auditorium cannot contain all the members. We have no space despite occupying one acre of land. So, iIf we are patient, God will surely come at the right time.

Vision for Year 2020

We have heard series of prophesies and visions concerning this year from many servants of God or so-called servants of God. But as for me, since July 15, 2019, God had revealed to me that 2020 would be my “Convenient Year”. I don’t know about any other vision but what God told me is that 2020 is a convenient year, and that is our Church’s Anchor for the year 2020. Every year would definitely has its own challenges but 2020 would be convenient, where those for those who believe and serve the Lord would prosper. Last year, as we are approaching December, I told members of my church that the month of December 2019 would not bring much calamities or disasters as we used to have in the past. As you can see also, most of our roads, unlike before, were free from motor accidents.

The only thing we need to do in this year, as God told me is to pray for the aviation sector and the nation’s leadership. God told me that He would pass through them and that would be very serious. Our politicians must pray seriously and those in the position of authority and leadership must be sensitive to the plight of the masses because God would wrought great vengeance on them. Great and influential people we don’t think of, would suddenly drop dead.

Past prophecies concerning the people in power and authority in Nigeria

Severally, God has sent me and I have delivered messages from God to them. I have passed many messages through media houses to our leaders, though, I stopped that since two years ago. Every year whatever God sent me to our leaders, I called on media and relayed the messages through them. I have evidence here, which I can show you where you can read my many messages to the government and the people.

In December 2018, I said through some news media, concerning last year general election, that Saraki should be prayerful, so he would not be politically rubbished. Was that not happen at last? In 2011, I predicted the  victory of former President Goodluck Jonathan during the election and likewise in 2015, I said that I saw changes of seat in power, that Jonathan would loose the election, so it happened. Some newspapers, especially Nigerian Tribune published it. When Ayodele Fayose nominated his deputy for 2018 governorship election in Ekiti State, I said PDP would loose the election, and it came to pass. In Oyo state here, in the last three governorship elections, I have predicted the winners and it was exactly as I prophesied because I spoke out what the Lord told me.



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